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Plumbing can be pretty gross: after all, who wants to deal with someone else’s clogged drains and frozen pipes? Backups can be unsightly, and the smell can be even worse (I mean, have you ever smelled a kitchen sink with old food clogging up the garbage disposal?). If it’s not gross, it can be daunting: fixing a broken water heater is no light task. And for many it’s not really the most exciting thing on their to-do list, either.And if you’ve lived in New England for any amount of time, you know what I mean when I say that the winters here can be especially tough on our plumbing. Frozen pipes can be a huge pain and a huge danger to you and your family.

I’m Tom Simulis, and I’m the guy who loves fixing the stuff that other people find, well, gross or boring. With the help of my trained team of pro plumbers, I usually end up fixing things that could have been prevented. And that’s mostly just because people don’t know what to look for in their plumbing. Many people aren’t taught how to reset a toilet that refuses to stop running, or they don’t realize that pouring bacon grease and animal fat down an old sink can actually build up over time and cause the pipes to burst. What I want to do, as Worcester, Massachusetts’s top plumber, is educate the public so that you DON’T have to make use of my services as often. A little money saved goes a long way, and we all love saving money. Plus, isn’t it about time you updated that AC unit of yours?

Tune in to “Ask a Plumber” on WCRN to Ask Anything About Plumbing

For example learn the differences between commercial plumbing and residential plumbing (and no, it’s not just the way the toilets are set up). Pick my brain for information on how a water heater actually works, and how you can save money in the process. Or just listen to others ask me about how to minimize plumbing danger during the winter or how to temporarily unclog a drain until a trained professional can actually service it. Any and everything about plumbing is my expertise, and I want to develop an informed community of homeowners and renters who are tired of letting the simplest plumbing tasks get the best of them.

Listen to WCRN News Talk Radio 830AM every Sunday from 9AM – 10AM to get a great, productive start to your day! Get advice from the most reliable plumber in Worcester, Massachusetts and ask questions on the “Ask the Plumber” radio show. Listen to others have their questions answered, and join the hundreds of people in Worcester, MA who have the same plumbing problems that you do. Tune in to Ask the Plumber and save yourself the time, money, and headache associated with life’s small plumbing problems.

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